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Food Grade Glycol

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How do I dilute Propylene Glycol and obtain the proper freeze protection?

Remember the product will began slushing before freezing. If your product is beginning to slush and you are concern. First, purchase a glycol refractometer. They are easy to use. Just hold add a drop to the solution and hold up to the light. This will tell you your product freeze point. If everything makes sense add more Propylene Glycol to the system.

How do I add Propylene Glycol to the solution to obtain the proper freeze point protection?
First, determine your freeze point protection you desire. Use a propylene glycol freeze chart as a guideline.

30% Propylene Glycol provide protection to 5 F
40% Propylene Glycol provide protection to -20 F
50% Propylene Glycol provide protection to -35 F

Always double check the freeze point with your glycol refractometer after the solution has been made.

How do I make Boiler Antifreeze for my Mobile Home?
Boiler Antifreeze is nothing more then Propylene Glycol. Use the same guidelines as above and dilute the product to your desired freeze protection. The colder you are, the more concentrated PG you want in your solution. Boiler Antifreeze solutions commonly use a corrosion inhibitor with the propylene glycol to protect against corrosion. If this is your case use Inhibited Propylene Glycol. has Inhibited glycol this as well in stock in Denver, Atlanta, and Columbus Ohio.

How can I transfer the Propylene Glycol from a drum?
Propylene Glycol is high in viscosity. You can lay the drum on the side and use a drum spout or you and use a hand pump from uline. If you are Propylene Glycol USP in a food grade product you should seek professional assistance.

USP Propylene Glycol

Propylene Glycol USP is considered Food Grade Glycol and is approved for food and medical use applications.  USP Propylene Glycol, Food Grade Glycol, has been packaged in compliance to USP requirements.

Labeling a product or a substance as USP implies that it conforms to all the legal requirements of the FDA and that it was produced in accordance with the principles outlined in FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Many other nations also have compiled an official national pharmacopeia, similar in scope and content to the USP. Currently, there is a collaborative international program to harmonize the propylene glycol monographs in the USP and in the European Pharmacopeia.

This product is used in salad dressings, cake mixes, soft drinks, popcorn, food colorings, fat-free ice cream and sour cream. It also protects food from freezing and helps as a preservative.

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Where can I Buy Propylene Glycol?
Food Grade Glycol sometimes may be found at Walmart or CVS in small containers. If you are looking for 1 gallon and above you need to purchase Food Grade Glycol through a Propylene Glycol Distributor.

What is the difference between Food Grade and USP?
A container of Propylene Glycol USP labeled as such, is approved for use as an additive in food and beverage applications. Some people refer to Propylene Glycol USP as "Food Grade". Always use a product labeled as "USP". If you find a product label as "Food Grade" and not "USP" do not use it, especially if you purchased it off the internet. There are a lot of individuals repackaging class eight 55 gallon drums into smaller containers and they are NOT doing it in conformance to USP packaging. A product designated as USP must be packaged in a class 8 clean room and it MUST have a lot number on the container. If you are purchasing Propylene Glycol USP and are making food product you are responsible to check out your supplier. Read more about USP at

Can anyone purchase Propylene Glycol USP?
Yes, there are no restrictions on it. There are many applications that use Propylene Glycol USP. If your application does not require USP certification and you need additional saving, just purchase Propylene Glycol.

What is Inhibited Propylene Glycol?
Inhibited Propylene Glycol refers to a product that contains corrosion inhibitors in it to protect your water system from corrosion. DO not use any product labeled as Inhibited or Corrosion Inhibited in a Food or Beverage Application. There are certified as USP grades of Inhibited Propylene Glycol that are approved for water systems that may come in contact with food in industrial applications in Food regulated facilities. These USP grades of Inhibited Propylene Glycol should not be confused and used in Food products. Please consultant an expert if you have any questions about which PG to use.

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How much Propylene Glycol should be added to our chiller system?
Consult your product manufacture on the proper dilution percentage of Propylene Glycol. Propylene Glycol is high in viscosity. If you have to heavy of a solution you may put unwanted stress and wear on your glycol system pumps.

Is Propylene Glycol safe for use in E-Cigs?
We have no data in either direction and can not provide and advice for legal reasons.

What is the shelf life of Propylene Glycol?
If you are using the product is a industrial water application and the system stays clean and closed the product will last for 10 plus years. You can always send a sample out for analysis. If you are using small amounts and have some remaining store the product fully enclosed at ambient temperature to cool temperatures. Avoid storing in high temperatures.

Can we use Propylene Glycol with PVC piping?
There has a number of calls into us in regards to PVC pipes and elbows prematurely failing after only 4 to 10 years in service. If you require a freeze protection chemical and if you have a lot of PVC you may consider using Glycerin.

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